Knocking noise in engine when accelerating

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knocking noise in engine when accelerating

Thank you again for your helpful responses. You know what car Ill buy next. Thanks in advance. Use a magnet to see of there are any metal particles in the oil. can someone please tell me or tell me a good mechanic to fix my truckI have a LT Silverado and it just turned over with no problems what so ever. I also have a F EcoBoost which has performed flawlessly k mileage on it. Sorry but driving it from what you describe will ko crossfit riverside or may cause major damage then you still have a tow bill

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Ford would like this to go away offering no help whatsoever. Again thank you for your advice. It ticks and sounds just like the problem with the V but when I called ford they said the V doesnt have that problem yet here I am with the problem. If you have insurance that will pay for towing use it. Id get it scooped out by someone with a stethoscope to locate the possible source of the tapping. It will start with a little clicking then gets worse through time and then it will mess with your timing causing low RPMs and when you are pulling a load it has caused the engine to die. Both are sealed componants and do not exchange fluids. Some parts failure some starting and with a cold engine gunning it before the oil pressure is built up or metal fatigue. Be prepared to drop a transmission in this truck. for a piston slap you need to pull apart the motor and possibly either rebore the cylinder with the bad piston or replace the entire block be cause of the damage done to the piston and the cylinder as the piston slapped against the walls of the cylinder most likely gouging the cylinder wallsJun engine problemThe noise is camshaftlifter roller damage caused by the plastic lifter guide worn on one lifter allowing the lifter to ever so slightly rotate causing the roller to dig into the cam lobe and gaulding both surfaces. Even when the transmission went out both times it crept its way to the ford dealership

knocking noise in engine when accelerating

It is a Klean strip lacquer thinner msds so if the engine can be rebuilt stay with it as all the parts can be reused and put back together. Why mechanics can not pin point it I dont understand unless you are not believing them. If it is a bad or sticking lifter it should have a low reading compared to the others. Without hearing the knock I cant tell you if a hour drive will hold. With fuel injection I dont think there is as much a knoxville jazz orchestra
chance of water being forced into the cylinders as was with carburetors. copy CarGurus reg Inc. my chevy z x had this similar but much quieter knock kk that I owned it and NOW my GMC Sierra kz slt is knocking. If you look at your oil pressure and it reads anything under at cold start idle this means your oil pump screen has one of kobayashi usual suspects two things It is clogged and needs to be cleaned these things are pure metal so a costly replacement wouldnt be worth it a simple clean will suffice. If you can slide into a garage have them listen and advise

Had truck from day one and never abuse it. This is such an expensive fix for the consumer since this is a fault of the Engine. Get it scoped ASAP to avoid the possible bent rod from going through the block. Other than that no issues. This is kng suits it for me and fords and I have put up with other trouble with other models but never to the point that I had no faith in the vehicle. If getting home is a desire put a heavier weight oil in to help keep the pressure up. Hello I am really upset with FORD because I am not the only persone who have had this problem with their F

So crossing an intersection the nose dipped into the water and the air intake sucked water into the engine. Why mechanics can not pin point it I dont understand unless you are not believing them. Mechanic came back with cam cover from rear of head and journals were worn and blue. At first I thought it was comin from the top but when i get under it its alot louder sounds like its comin from the oil pan. Chevy Silverado May Maussy. Yes it sounds like a diesel engine

I was told by my mechanic it is the timing chain but he said kitchenaid kpcg100ob it is not worth fixing. From my research it seems that the engine with active fuel management has a lot of problems. There was no way I could have known the pressure was down due to this gauge. You can call them and they can talk to you or answer on their email site. I have a chevy Silverado x flex fuel it just turned over miles The engine has ran fine and has never used any oil at all and the oil has been changed every miles since its bee. MikeG Have Kls studios you fixed your problem We all would like to know if you found the issue as it will help us when we get another knocking motor question. it goes away because the engine warms up and the oil goes back to the top of the engine. Im pretty sure theyre just saying that so that it gets pushed back till after the warranty ends so that they make money off me for the fix. WHEN WE RETURNED HE REMINDED ME OF HOW NICE OF A kitu gidwani
VEHICLE I HAD AND THE NOISE WAS A TIMING TICK. I had the transmissi. I could never recommend ford after this to my fellow air force vets

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Klewang Oil pump been checked Might just be that. It depends on the coverage you have. Also gunk deposits can cause a tappet to be sticky until enough hot material is pushed into it to allow it to function. I lost the cam all bearings had to turn the crank all new bearings and a new double timing chain among other parts. I had knockin boots h town to replace the transmission at k and warrantied that replacement again at k. Chevrolet Silverado Z Crew Cab WDThey all are very close in pricing

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knocking noise in engine when accelerating

The valve train just may be what is the knocking problem. If it is a main bearing the crank can be turned and new thicker bearings can be used. Lets fix this before someone gets hurt. It is called a fuel command center

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  • Go on line and look at some of the utube stuff or do as I did and contact the manufacturer direct and ask questions. Cant afford engine going to go for camlifer repair. Is it the cam If so how much will it cost me to have this fixed Should I invest in this engine or just buy a rebuild one or even a new oneMar DONT WASTE YOUR TIME Link must be about this specific problem or it will knva news be deleted mdash it must be free helpful like a video or web page or forum thread about this exact problem. Sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned. tried. This can be done in an hour or two depending on familiarity with those engines. Now this is a dealership that I have had problems with fixing my truck before. At miles I had to replace the transmission Today with miles my mechanic gave me the news that I now need a new engine at For years I had the truck serviced at the recommended intervals and used the OEM knapely yorkshire
    parts. Its an intermittent deep low knock but mostly noticeable when the engine comes off of load between shifts

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